Property prices have risen considerably over the past couple of years, which means that the value of your home would have increased as well. This would have raised the equity in your home putting you in a position to increase your wealth by owning an investment property. With the Reserve’s decision to increase interest rates means that there will be sellers who will panic and suddenly drop the asking price on their property. They will fear that if they don’t sell now, they wont be able to take the the next step they have been focussing on, after the sale.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for you. I believe in the adage that the money made on property is made from buying at the right price.

I would like you to call me, so that I can explain and make sure, that you are in a position to access the equity in your home, should you wish to use it to buy one of the well-priced properties that are about to hit the market.

iShare has added another level to their financial service offering by partnering with Loanstoday.

Loanstoday are our preferred specialists in the Personal/Consumer Loan, Asset Purchase and leasing space.

If you, your business, a family member or friend are in need of this service please contact us on 0478908007 and speak to Allen to progress your enquiry. Alternatively please feel free to click on the following link

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We look forward to being of service to you for your financial needs.


For many people over 60, the majority of their wealth is tied up in residential property – and in some cases, they might be carrying mortgage debt into retirement.

A Reverse Mortgage can unlock equity in your home to consolidate debt to free up cash flow, remove stress and provide peace of mind. Additional funds can be released to help fund your lifestyle in retirement and be used for any worthwhile purpose including home improvements, day-to-day expenses, buy a new car, medical costs or for travel and holidays. As well as an initial advance, funds can also be drawn as a regular advance.

One of the good things about a reverse mortgage is you can continue to live in your home for as long as you wish while enjoying the benefits of the community, social networks and family memories it provides. You remain the owner of your home, benefitting from any potential increase in property value.

If you think a reverse mortgage might be something you would be interested in, contact Allen at iShare Brokers today on 0478908007.


iShare can arrange all types of loans for you quickly and easily:

  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans – holidays, motorbikes,
  • Leisure Equipment – Boats, Quadbike, Jet Skis
  • Asset Finance – Equipment and Machinery
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Wedding Finance

Contact us today and speak to a professional broker who can help you achieve your goals.

iShare are excited to announce that they have recently signed a Relationship Agreement with leading Financial Services company, Bayswater Financial Pty Ltd. 

iShare are aware of their obligations to ensure that their clients have sufficient insurances in place to protect their most valuable asset, the family home.

Ben Howarth from Bayswater is a licenced financial planner who specialises in Insurances. Ben is available now to carry out a complimentary risk insurance review to make sure you have enough insurance cover.

Contact Allen or Penni on 0422126430 today if you would like a free, no obligation review of your current insurances.

How would you like to get money back from your bank each month to help pay off your home loan? Well now you can!
Just let iShare refinance your home loan and we will rebate our trailing commission to you each month.
I bet you didn’t know that the bank pays all mortgage brokers a trail commission each month for placing home loans with them?
Most brokers keep these commissions, but here at iShare we give these commissions back to our customers as a gesture of goodwill.
This can help you to stay on top of your rising repayments and pay off your home loan quicker.
Sounds too good to be true? Well this cashback model has the backing of the Barefoot Investor (Scott Pape) himself in his book “The only money guide you’ll ever need”.
So call now on 0422126430 and let us see if we can find a great refinance deal for you.

This represents a record market share for mortgage brokers. Mike Felton, CEO of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), explains that one of the main reasons is that brokers have implemented sweeping reforms over the years which has now earned them the trust and loyalty of consumers, in particular, the best interests duty.

Here are three reasons why brokers offer value:
1. Brokers have a legal obligation to act in your best interests (unlike banks)
2. Brokers compare loans from a range of lenders (not just one)
3. In most cases, brokers don’t charge for their service.

If you are looking for a home loan, call iShare today and join a long list of our happy clients, who are also receiving monthly cash rebates of trail commissions.

If you are struggling to find the deposit for your first home and want to avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance, then check this quick video out.

The professionals at iShare Cashback Mortgage Brokers can help – call any time on 0422126430.

If you’re paying too high interest rate on your home loan then you should look at refinancing today.  iShare Cashback Mortgage Brokers can look at refinancing your current home loan with a fantastic fixed rate below 2%. As an added bonus some lenders that are also offering up to $3,000 cashback for refinancing.

Conditions apply so call iShare today on 0478908007 to see if we can help you pay less interest on your home loan.