Property prices have risen considerably over the past couple of years, which means that the value of your home would have increased as well. This would have raised the equity in your home putting you in a position to increase your wealth by owning an investment property. With the Reserve’s decision to increase interest rates means that there will be sellers who will panic and suddenly drop the asking price on their property. They will fear that if they don’t sell now, they wont be able to take the the next step they have been focussing on, after the sale.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for you. I believe in the adage that the money made on property is made from buying at the right price.

I would like you to call me, so that I can explain and make sure, that you are in a position to access the equity in your home, should you wish to use it to buy one of the well-priced properties that are about to hit the market.

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