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All brokers receive trail commissions each month from the lender that they placed your loan with. Most mortgage brokers keep these commissions, but here at iShare we rebate them back to our customers as a gesture of goodwill.

How does it all work?
Say you have a balance on your home loan of $500K, the trail commissions paid to us would amount to approx. $675 per year or $56.25 per month. (The calculation depends upon the balance of your home loan at the end of each month)

iShare will deposit these commissions directly into your bank account each month totally free of charge, there is no extra cost to you for this service. By depositing these amounts into either your home loan account or offset account each month, you will be reducing your loan interest and effectively paying down your home loan sooner.

So call us today on 0422126430 for a chat on how we can set this up for you. Or, if you like, visit our website to see a full list of all our services.

We receive a trail commission every month from our lenders and we are happy to give this back to our clients for supporting our business. We can deposit this commission directly into your home loan or offset account, or any other bank account of your choice. You can use this money to pay off your home loan sooner if you wish.

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Let iShare organise the finance (or refinance) for a home loan without leaving your home. We can take care of all of your financial needs by way of phone calls, video conferencing (Skye or Zoom) and email. Call 0422126430 today.

This short video explains what a deposit bond is and how it may it may be useful for your situation.

With our way of life currently changing due to the health risks associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important that we advise our clients of the protocols we are following to ensure protection and to help more people seeking financial assistance.
If you are looking to access finance without leaving your home we can take care of all of your financial needs by way of phone calls, video conferencing (Skye or Zoom) and email. We can assist with the entire financial transaction which means that you don’t have to go to your local bank to arrange finance.
And, in most cases, it will not be necessary for us to meet face to face for ID purposes or signing of loan applications. There are only a handful of lenders who require this, as ID can be verified by several other options.
So you don’t have to leave the house to organise your financial needs. Call iShare today on 0422126430 and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

If your lender hasn’t passed on the latest interest rate cuts it may be time for a health check on your home loan. Call your home loan expert at iShare today for a health check to see whether it is worthwhile switching your home loan.

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Banks are lining up for your business and are prepared to offer up to $4000 to get it when you refinance your property with them. The chance to receive a cash bonus when you refinance your home loan could make that move to a new bank just a little bit easier. Think about what you could do with an extra $4000! Conditions apply regarding lending criteria so call the guys at iShare today on 0422126430 to find out the specific details.

Currently lenders are offering home loan interest rates as low as

                      2.99% p.a. variable rate P&I


                   2.88% p.a. fixed for 2 years P&I

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Interest rates for home loans have never been so low!!

Call iShare Cashback Mortgage Brokers today and let us find you an affordable home loan that won’t break your budget.
An added bonus with going with iShare is we put money back into your bank account every month with our cashback refund of trailing commissions.

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